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 FTP-Download Professional Software 2013!

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PostSubject: FTP-Download Professional Software 2013!   Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:46 pm

Ftp Download! Cracked Software/software Cracks/dongle Cracks/warez Cd Cracks/serials! CRACKED SOFTWARE(CAD/CAE/CAM/EDA/PCB/GIS/CNC/FEA)! if you need some softwares, please email me: tenikoe@mail.ru

Use Ctrl+F to search the program you need.

SB200 StackUp Builder v6.2 CST.Studio.Suite.v2010.WinALL & Linux.DVD-ISO 1DVD

CST Studio Suite 2010 SP5 1CD

CST Microwave Studio v5.1.3-ISO 1CD

CST Design Studio v3.0 1CD

CST.MicroStripes.2009.v8.0 1CD

CST.MicroStripes.2009.v8.0.x64 1CD

CST Em Studio v2.0 1CD

CST Mafia v4.1 1CD

PCschematic v9.0 1CD

PL7 Pro v4.4 1CD

Schneider-Electric Unity Pro XL v4.0-ISO 1CD

Schneider Electric Vijeo Desiner v4.6-ISO 1CD

IAR.Embedded.Workbench.for.8051.v7.60.1.Full 1CD


IAR.EW430.320A 1CD


IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 5.50.1 Full-ISO 1CD

IAR.Embedded.Workbench.for.Atmel.AVR.v5.50.1 Full 1CD




IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR 5.50.1.Full 1CD























IAR Embedded Workbench for ZiLOG eZ80 1.34A 1CD

IAR.Embedded.Workbench.for.ZiLOG.Z80.v4.06A Full

IAR Embedded Workbench Limited Edition for 6502



IAR.PowerPac.for.ARM.v1.10C 1CD

IAR VisualState v6.31 1CD

FlowCode for PIC v4.2.3.0 1CD

Flowcode for AVR v4.3.6.61 1CD


Rowley.Associates.CrossWorks.for.ARM.v1.5.Build.2 1CD

Rowley.Associates.CrossWorks.for.AVR.v2.0 1CD

Rowley.Associates.CrossWorks.for.MAXQ.v2.0 1CD

Rowley.Associates.CrossWorks.for.MSP430.v2.0 1CD

Nassda.Critic.v5.0.01.2005 1CD

Nassda.Critic.v5.0.01.2005.Linux 1CD

Nassda.Hanex.v5.0.01.2005 1CD

Nassda.Hanex.v5.0.01.2005.Linux 1CD

Nassda.Hsim.v5.0.01.2005 1CD
Nassda.Hsim.v5.0.01.2005.Linux 1CD
TimingDesigner.v9.2 1CD

TimingDesigner.v9.2 Linux 1CD

TimingDesigner.v9.2 Solaris 1CD


PCB Navigator 5.1 1CD


SemCAD v13.4 1CD


DPL.Fault.Tree.v6.03.03 1CD

DPL.Professional.v6.03.02 1CD


Telelogic.Rhapsody.v7.4.Windows-ISO 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.v7.2.Linux-ISO 1CD


Telelogic.Doors.v7.1 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Adapters.v7.1.WiNNT2K 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Cygwin.Adapter.v7.0 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Gateway.v1.4.WiNNT2K 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Integrity.Adapter.v7.0 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Nucleus.C.Adapter.v7.0 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Nucleus.C.Plus.Plus.Adapter.v7.0 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Reporter.Plus.v7.0 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.Sodius.Toolkit.v7.1.WiNNT2K 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.VxWorks.Adapter.v7.0 1CD

Sodius.Rhapsody.RulesComposer.v7.0.24 1CD

Telelogic.TAU.Generation2.v2.4-ISO 1CD

Telelogic.TAU.Generation2.v2.4.SP1-ISO 1CD

Telelogic.Rhapsody.OSC.Tools.v7.1.WiNNT2K 1CD

OSC.Automatic.Test.Generation.v3.1.356.for.Rhapsody.7.0 1CD

OSCTest.Conductor.v1.7.421.for.Rhapsody.7.0 1CD

Sodius.XMI.toolkit.for.Rhapsody.v7.0.13 1CD

I-Logix.Statemate.v4.1-ISO 1CD

VisSim.v7.0B 1CD

VisSim.C-Code.v6.0 1CD

VisSim.Comm.v6.0A 1CD

VisSim.Embedded.Controls.Developer.v6.0 1CD

VisSim.ECD.for.TI.C2000.v5.0e.Win9xNT2K 1CD

VisSim.Neural-Net.v6.0 1CD
VisSim.Real-TimePRO.v6.0 1CD


Celoxica.Agility.Compiler.v1.3 1CD

Celoxica.Agility.Compiler.v1.3.Linux.Debian 1CD

Celoxica.DK.Design.Suite.and.PDK.v5.0.SP5 1CD(高阶设计方法)


SpiceVision Pro v2.3.6 1CD

SpiceVision v2.1 WinALL 1CD

Spice Vision 2.1 Linux 1CD


Dolphin.Integration.Smash.v5.15.0 1CD

Dolphin Smash v5.12.2 Linux 1CD

Dolphin.Smash.v5.12.2.Solaris 1CD

Dolphin.Integration.SoC.GDS.v6.6.0 1CD

Dolphin Soc.GDS v6.30 for Linux 1CD

Dolphin.SoC.GDS.v6.30.LINUX.x64 1CD

Dolphin.SoC.GDS.v6.30.Solaris 1CD

Dolphin.SoC.GDS.v6.30.Solaris64 1CD

Dolphin Soc.GDS v5.6 for HP-UX 1CD


HDL.Works.HDL.Companion.v2.3.R1 1CD

HDL.Companion.v2.0.R2.Linux 1CD

TransLogic HDL ComPanion v1.2 R2 Solaris 1CD

HDL.Design.Entry.EASE.v7.2.R8 1CD

HDL Entry Ease v6.0 R11 Linux 1CD

HDL.Entry.Ease.v6.0.R11.SOLARIS 1CD

Translogic HDL Entry Ease and Eale v5.1R9 1CD

Translogic HDL Entry Ease and Eale v4.1.7 Linux 1CD

Translogic Ease v5.2 R10 and Eale v5.2 R8 1CD



Aldec Active-HDL v8.2 & Update3 1DVD

Aldec.Active.HDL.v6.3.VERILOG.Libaraies.Addon 1CD

Aldec.Active.HDL.v6.3.VHDL.Libaraies.Addon 1CD

Aldec.Active.HDL.v6.3.Xilinx.Schemetic.Libaraies.Addon 1CD


Aldec.Riviera Pro.v2009.02 1CD

Aldec.Riviera.v2007.02.Linux 1CD

Aldec.Riviera.v2007.02.LiNUX64 1CD


Aldec.ALINT.v2008.10 1CD

Aldec.ALINT.v2008.02.Linux 1CD


CodeWarrior HC08 v3.0 1CD

CodeWarrior for HC12 v4.6 1CD

CVAVR v1.24.1e 1CD

FastAVR v4.0 1CD

FranklinC51 1CD

FuzzyTECH Pro v5.54 1CD

ICCV7 for AVR v7.19 1CD

ImageCraft.ICCAVR.Professional.v6.31a 1CD


Keil C51 v.9.01 Compiler + uVision 4 IDE 1CD

Keil.Professional.for.C51.v9.0 1CD

Keil.Professional.for.C166.v6.11 1CD

Keil.Professional.for.C251.v4.53a 1CD

Keil.RealView.Microcontroller.Development.Kit.v3.20 1CD

Keil C51 v8.18 1CD

Keil MDK-ARM v4.12 1CD

Keil RL-ARM 3.5 1CD


Matcom v4.5 1CD

Mplab.C18.v3.0 1CD

Metrowerks Codewarrior for DSP56800 v5.02 1CD

Metrowerks Codewarrior v6.1 for Coldfire 1CD

PMA Software BlueControl v2.8 SR3 Multilingual 1CD

PCWH v3.227 1CD

GX configuator-DP Ver.500 1CD

GX Developer v 8.0 1CD


Magma v2005.05.12 Linux 1CD

Magma FineSim Pro v2009.06.02 Linux 1CD

Magma Siliconsmart v2009.02 Linux 1CD

Magma Talus v1.0.92 Linux32_64 1CD


Proteus Professional v7.7 & SP2 1CD

Proteus 7.6 SP4 Portable 1CD


CodeWarrior Development Studio v9.3 1CD

CodeWarrior Development Studio v9.3 Addon 1CD


VisualCAM.2006.v15.1.8 1CD


Mician Microwave Wizard v6.0 1CD


WaveStar.v2.6 1CD


Coware LisaTek.2005.1.1 for WinALL 1CD

Coware LisaTek.2005.1.1 for Linux 1CD

CoWare.Processor.Designer(PD).v2009.1 1CD

CoWare.Signal.Processing.Designer(SPD).v2009.1 1CD

CoWare SPW 2010 1CD

CoWare SPW 5.02-XP 1CD


Visual DSP v3.50-ISO 1CD

Visual DSP.PlusPlus.v3.5.for.16.bit.WinALL 1CD


QNX.Momentics.Development.Suite.Professional.Edition.v6.3-ISO 1CD

QNX Momentics Professional v6.2.1a-ISO 1CD

QNX.Neutrino8.v6.2.1.NC-ISO 1CD

QNX.Realtime.Platform.v6.10-ISO 1CD


Zuken.CADSTAR.v12.1.WinNT_2K 1CD
Zuken Cadstar 3D v5.0 1CD

Zuken.CadStar.Desktop.Design.v8.0 1CD


Zuken.CR5000.Board.Designer.v7.0.1-ISO 1CD

Zuken.CR5000.System.Designer.v7.0.1R2 1CD


Zuken CR5000 v6.0 full 2CD


Zuken.Hotstage v4.21 1CD

Zuken Hot-Stage v4.03 WinNT 1CD


AWR.Design.Environment.Vendor.Local.v8.0 1CD

AWR Design Environment v9.03.4959.1 1CD

AWR.Design.Environment.v8.0.Documentation 1CD

AWR.Testwave.for.AWRDE.v2.06.Win32 1CD

AWR.Nuhertz.Filter.For.AWRDE.v5.14 1CD

Filter Wiz Pro v4.26 1CD

FilterShop v3.4.808-ISO 1CD

Nuhertz Technologies Filter Solutions 2009 1CD

Nuhertz Zmatch v4.0.4 1CD


Denali.Memory.Modeler.v2.9.24.WINNT 1CD

Denali.PureSuite.V3.2.062.Linux32 1CD

Denali.PureSuite.V3.2.062.Linux64 1CD

Denali.PureSuite.V3.2.055.Linux.IA64 1CD


PCBM LP Provisional v2009.20.00 1CD

PCBM SymbolWizard Provisional v2.46.03 1CD

PCBM SYMWIZ v2.46.03 1CD


ARM Developer Suite 1.2 1CD

ARM.Firmware.Suite.v1.4-ISO 1CD

ARM.RealView.Developer.Suite(RVDS).v4.0-ISO 1CD

ARM SOC Designer v7.1 Linux 1CD

ARM Software Development Toolkit v 2.51 1CD

Use Ctrl+F to search the program you need.

Anything you need,must can mail Email: If there is your need, please mail me: tenikoe@mail.ru
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FTP-Download Professional Software 2013!
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